I can't say anything to this point on the Thought Catalog's article on 8 Reasons You Are Single:

3. Your life is a friend zone.

Whether you’re one of the Nice Guys who take pictures of themselves wearing a fedora and complaining about how shallow women are with no irony, or you’re a walking Taylor Swift song who thinks every girl who manages to get a boyfriend when you don’t is an evil slut, you are just not making it to the “romance” stage. For some reason, everyone you want to date is leaving you out to dry in that awkward middle ground between “we don’t really talk to each other” and “we see each other naked on a regular basis.” It’s all the agony of having to hear about your beloved’s romantic tribulations without getting to touch some titties/weenie afterwards, and it has become your life’s calling.

Alright okay, alright, you're right.

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