So I have a big list, what countries that I want to visit in my life, I want to visit before I die. It's important for me because I found myself as an explorer and living in another country for almost a year, alone (yeah not really alone though but sort of alone) as an exchange student, it opened up my eyes to make my world wider to explore. Other than United States.

1. Thailand
Why: because I want to study their language, because it's close to my home. I just found them interesting and I feel like my culture and them are pretty related

2. New Zealand
Why: because for me it's a unique country, where early settlers and English descendant live together in islands of South Pacific, and also their landscape are beautiful.

3. United Kingdom
Why: who doesn't want to go to UK?! especially after the Harry Potter phenomenon and stuff, but for me I want to know how the original land of English looks like

4. France
Why: who doesn't want to go this 'romantic place' thingy?! but for me I want to learn their language further more, like activate it, for real, parceque j'aime francaise~ also also, I love French movie and I heard that France is a good place to start career for cinematography

5. Saudi Arabia
Why: I need to go to pilgrimage and knowing more about my religion as part of me *angel mode: on*

6. Nederlands
Why: after reading an Indonesian novel titled Negeri Van Oranje, it just inspired me to get there. Leiden especially, they had my country's history, and I really curious for being there.

7. Norway
Why: yes, it's a beautiful northern country. not to mention Kings of Convenience, but there's a magnet that pulls me that I want to go there someday in my life.

8. Australia
Why: it's my neighbour country, it's close to Java, and my cousin was there for her study, and I want to go to the Opera House.

9. South Africa
Why: same like Norway, there is a magnet that pulls me and make me want to go there. maybe because its culture and diversity and, I want to experience the longest flying fox in the world there :D

10. Japan
Why: Japaneese influence had been entering me since I was little. I watch a lot of cartoons, series and stuff. I want to learn their language further more too, and I want to experience those things I watch in TV

other countries worth to go for me too: Turkey, Greece, South Korea, Egypt, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Spain, Denmark, Panama.

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