I definitely should post something again about my experience, my Prom, my soccer 'sufferings', my Graduation, which is this Sunday, my final PAX meeting and my east coast experience with my aunt, gosh, I'm so lame, but I'll catch it soon, although I put all my stories and photos, completely in my beloved blue journal. I also already start to pack my suitcases, and it's beyond expectations. I got my comfort zone already here, so I better get ready to get out of my comfort zone again. I miss my old life in Jakarta, but I love Benton, but I miss my home and my family and my friends, but I got new family and friends here, ah, so confusing, at least I got two life to 'attend' in two countries now, and I deel like home in two countries, and I love it.

Tonight I gotta sing in talent show, in jazz band, again I accomplish my 'obsession' to sing jazz with a jazz band, although just in school.

But like I told you, I'll catch all of the ol' posts later. I don't mean to be busy-assy, but I really am. so then, see ya in other real posts!

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