1. I join Girls Soccer, although the practice still 'killing' me, I enjoy it. I'm gonna be a goalkeeper and/or defender~

2. I'm in the Spring Play, the Hound of the Baskervilles, not legit Sherlock Holmes but the parody, where the main character not boys but girls and all change the name to Shirley Holmes and Jennie Watson. Pretty ace. I'm the maid and I got lines (there will be post of it)

3. It's warmer, awesome, and all flower are blossoming and grass growing :')

4. Prom is coming for 2 WEEKS, it's in April 14th and I will be so crazy like animal because I'm a totally different and became a super crazy person if I'm in a dance (example: Homecoming and Cast Party)

5. I'm pretty sure, I will love Spring, for heavens sake, it will be as fun as Fall. Springa nd Fall are officially my favorite season :D

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