This is Mrs. McGrew. She just retired from teaching in Benton after 27 years teaching Family and Consumer Sciences and she hosted some exchange students especially from Korea and even her children are from Korea. She's really loving, she's my Foods teacher and she's a loving person and she helped me survive my first months in America :')
Mr. Andreson, Government and Global Affairs teacher. He had been teaching in several states and I learn a lot from his great knowledge and friendliness
Mrs. Deerberg, sophomore English, communication and theater arts teacher, she's a great theater and speech director~ She's firm but kind and she directed a lot of musicals and plays already. I learn a lot about acting from her

Mrs. Schmuecker and Mr.. Hayden, my vocal music teachers. I love them, they've been teaching me the whole year and made me more confident on being a musical person

Mr. Patterson, a.k.a Patty a.k.a Patty Wack my art teacher, he's a fun person with a good ability of communicating with students. I definitely love his class

Mr. Conrad my American History teacher, people says he's grumpy when teaching , he even said that he's sometimes a grumpy old man, but he's a great teacher because everything he taught me still remains in my brain and he is friendly

Mr. Winsor, my World History teacher, another fun and young teacher, he was a college athlete and now one of the football coach, he likes to play history games he made and have a unique start-up questions everyday

Mrs. Richer a.k.a Mas Rica, her famous nick name Mas. Mas is my Spanish teacher and my Seminar teacher too, and she is really open to the students and really fun, that's why students love her and so do I

The point of all of this is:
I love American teacher!


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